Scottish artist working in Rome, Italy.
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Images from the FLUDDE show in Faversham

Casa Con Vista

Great success for the Casa Con Vista event in Rome. See photos.'Water's Edge' Installation view

Water's Edge_3

Water's Edge Detail

Photo:Simone Parente

casa con vista may 12 and 13

new site specific work in the heart of Roma

see blog for details


Upcoming Exhibition in Rome

New site specific installation work under way for up coming show in mid -may in central Rome.

Watch this space for news.

Fludde is a festival of arts events in Faversham

The festival runs from 18th November until 26th November 2011 and brings
visual artists, musicians, poets and filmmakers together in response to the theme of
Fludde and shows their works in various iconic venues in Faversham.

The main event around which the series is based is Noyes Fludde, a community opera
by Benjamin Britten, which sees local schoolchildren performing alongside
amateur and professional musicians.

Complementing this is a large-scale visual art exhibition in the Assembly Rooms
on Preston Street, the Library and St. Mary of Charity Church in the centre of the town.

There is an exciting program of events scheduled every evening with
internationally renowned musicians and artists participating.

All events are free.

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Upcoming exhibition at 3B Gallery Roma

Espressione dell’arte contemporanea.                                                                                      Direttore artistico: Angelo Bracci
Promozione artistica Claudio Lepri
Vernissage Sabato 28 Maggio alle ore 18
Via Bezzecca, 3           
00185 Roma                                                                                         
La mostra rimarrà aperta fino al 3 giugno 2011
Tel. 339 1855698                                                                                                                        Orario dal lunedì al sabato: 11-13 | 17-19.30